you could say
we like to play
with our food

There is nothing quite like family dinner

At least not in our opinions! One of the things we all missed most when we went to college was meeting with the whole family every night. But it wasn’t always that way.

According to our parents, all three of us had varying levels of interest in eating our dinner at night. We range from Mr. Picky Eater (Jack) to Mr. Eat Everything (Dylan). And as different as we were, our parents all reported one common issue: some nights we simply did NOT want to eat our dinner.

As we’ve grown up, we’ve learned this is a common issue for just about every family. Getting a kid to sit down and stay still in order to eat is not always easy. So the three of us set out on a mission to make dinner time easier.

And with that, DinnerPal and DinnerPal+ were born. We created a simple but effective strategy for making family dinner the fun, stress-free experience it was always meant to be.


is our knowledge center for child psychology - not only did she graduate from UCLA with a degree in psychology with a concentration in child development, but she has extensive experience with her five nieces and nephews. “Auntie Bopper” developed the DinnerPal system with her five favorite volunteers - who range from easy to difficult eaters.


recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from USC with degrees in Business Administration and Innovation. A little bit of a (colossal) picky eater growing up, Jack is excited about the possibility of helping families who struggle to introduce new foods.


is the tech guy of the group - he graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in computer science and engineering. As a lover of all types of food, he is disheartened when people, especially kids, are such picky eaters. He hopes Dinnerpal can show kids that new food isn't something to be scared of, and that it can often be enjoyable and rewarding to try new things!

Our mission

We want to make dinner time more focused on the conversations, laughs, and good times that they’re built on, and less on the squabbles over who isn’t eating what.

We want to help kids learn more about food in a fun way

We want to make eating dinner something kids are excited for, not something they are obligated to do.

We want to improve dinner time in a seamless and simple way that is easy to implement.

We want to help families that battle with food-anxiety, and provide an easy and cost-effective solution to help create healthy relationships with food.

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